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New York’s capital city merges history with culture, art and performance; cuisine and craft beverages; events and festivals. Rural Rensselaer County revels in the region’s past.

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Albany: A City of Art

Albany, the capital of New York State and home to history and culture. I had been to Albany once before and was familiar with some of its history and its title as the Capitol of our state, but I was less familiar with its position as a center for art. Some of Albany’s art is more obvious, like the New [...] Continue reading  

Howe Caverns, The Underworld

What is Howe Caverns? Naturally developed approximately six million years ago, Howe Caverns is a magnificent feat of New York State’s nature. Formed by two separate types of limestone, Coeymans and Manlius, the walls of the cave are embedded with the fossils of creatures of the past and prior inhabitants of the land. Howe Caverns was discovered in the early [...] Continue reading