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Travel Packages

Outdoor Adventure Escape Legendary Erie Canal
Health and Wellness Getaway The Underground Railroad
Brew, Wine & Spirits Tour The Revolutionary War
Farm to Table Culinary Tour Empire State Tour
Arts in New York's Capital Region Culinary & Brew and Wine Tour
Outdoor Adventure Escape
(Catskill & Adirondack Mountains)

Are you seeking an amazing year-round outdoor adventure? New York State has an abundance of outstanding opportunities for the beginner to advanced enthusiasts in the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains. New York's mountains provide a retreat with amazing views of the glorious lakes, rippling brooks, state parks and distinctive villages. You can even escape to a mountain top resort anytime of the year for hiking, skiing, paddling, zip lining or mountain biking. From the high peaks, fresh lakes, waterfalls, roaring rivers and ponds, the Adirondack and Catskill mountains are places of mystery and beauty which has fascinated thrill seekers and vacationers for decades. Whether it is world class whitewater rafting, cycling, paddling or hiking, those seeking an adventure will find it in New York State.

  • Passes to outdoor attractions that include skiing, zip lining, whitewater rafting, paddling, mountain biking, etc.
  • Amazing views
  • Nightlife and shopping
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 Health and Wellness Getaway
(Saratoga Springs)

Saratoga has been known as "The Queen of Spas" since the mid-18th century. Long believed to have restorative powers, “taking the waters” made Saratoga the destination of prominent guests from George Washington to the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age. Whether you prefer soaking in the water or drinking it, the different springs offer different benefits – including lowering the acidity of your body or adding iron to your blood. You won’t just be drinking the famous waters, however – you’ll be visiting a local vineyard for a wine tasting, and see why New York wines are respected the world over. ​After all these refreshing beverages, you’ll appreciate a bountiful meal at Saratoga’s premier farm to table restaurant! After a day spent rejuvenating the soul, a historic inn or premier hotel is the perfect place to rest for the next day. Come see why Saratoga is a luxurious reminder of a more gracious time!

  • Historic Roosevelt Baths 
  • Walking Tours of the famous healing waters of Saratoga
  • Wine tastings
  • Dining at a premier locally-owned restaurant
  • Instructional yoga
  • Added health and wellness themed surprises along the way
  • Customized options to enhance your visitor experience
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Brew, Wine & Spirits Tour
(Upper Hudson Valley—Capital Saratoga Region;
Mid-Hudson Valley—Dutchess & Ulster Counties)

Experience New York State like you never have before! Take our one-of- a-kind on our Brewtique tour of the spectacular Hudson Valley Region. This tour is for those with a discerning palate for cuisine and unique beverages and a quest for adventure. We will take you to up to 6 select boutique breweries, wineries and/or distilleries to taste quality beverages infused with distinct flavors specific to the region. If you select the mid-Hudson Valley tour, then brace yourself as you walk 212 feet above the Hudson River along the Walkway Over the Hudson and explore Minnewaska State Park, its sparkling lakes and waterfalls amidst the backdrop of the majestic Catskill Mountains. You will also have time on your own to discover one of the Valley’s historic towns, walk the main street and shop, dine and have fun. The upper Hudson Valley tour is just as exciting, you will experience a behind the scenes look on how the brews are made, walk the Victorian streets of Saratoga Springs, hike through Saratoga State Park and enjoy the mineral springs which are known to possess healing powers and much more.

  • Tasting at 5-6 top breweries, wineries and/or distilleries
  • Culinary experiences
  • Beautiful State Parks
  • Local main street boutique shopping
  • Fully Guided tour with local experts
  • Special value added surprises!
  • August 12, 13 and 14 — Mid-Hudson Valley
  • October 7, 8 and 9 — Upper Hudson Valley
  • Contact for Customized Group Reservations — Available May-October
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Farm to Table Culinary Tour
(Upper Hudson Valley—Capital Saratoga Region;
Mid-Hudson Valley—Poughkeepsie & Rhinebeck) 

Let your taste buds savor the gourmet delicacies of the mid and upper Hudson Valley. Join us for a culinary explosion as we explore farms, wineries and breweries nestled in the foothills of the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains. Along the way there will be food tastings and a final meal prepared by a local top chef utilizing locally grown products to create his/her cuisine masterpiece just for you.

  • Visits to three to four local food producers and you will enjoy a tour and delicious samples.
  • Interpretation about the local history and provide surprises along the way.
  • Private dinner prepared by a local chef
  • Special value added surprises!
  • July 15, 16 and 17 — Mid-Hudson Valley
  • October 15, 16 and 17 — Upper Hudson Valley
  • Contact for Customized Group Reservations — Available May - October
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Arts in New York's Capital District
(Capital Region—Albany and Saratoga) 

“The Arts” in New York don’t just mean the bright lights of Broadway and the museums of Manhattan - the art scene in New York’s Capital District is as rich as it is diverse. You can see a Broadway play at Proctor’s, Schenectady’s beautifully restored vaudeville theater, or enjoy a night with the Philadelphia Orchestra at their summer home in the Saratoga Performing Art Center. Is jazz more your style? The Saratoga Jazz Festival features two days of the best jazz in the world with multiple Grammy nominees scheduled for 2016. Maybe you’d like to visit the National Museum of Dance before enjoying a performance by the New York City Ballet. If the visual arts are more your style, visit the Albany Institute of History and Art, where Colonial paintings share space with modern sculpture, or take a quick trip north to the Hyde Collection to enjoy their Picasso, Degas and Rembrandt. ​Make this a truly memorable group vacation with luxury options such as private dining or your own chauffeur. You’ll see why the Capital District is a favorite destination for patrons of the fine arts!

  • Musical, Dance or Theater Performance
  • Visit to one of the area’s premier art museums
  • Fine dining at a locally acclaimed restaurant
  • Added arts & culture themed surprises along the way
  • Customized opportunities to enhance your experience, such as private dining, champagne and a private reception
  • Special value added surprises!
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Legendary Erie Canal
(Capital Region—Albany and Saratoga)

Discover America's most famous and influential waterway. Journey back in time as we take you to one of the world’s most iconic waterways—the Erie Canal. Once considered the 8th wonder of the world, this magnificent waterway is still active today and more beautiful than ever. Join us for an exploration of a lifetime! You will experience the splendor, beauty and excitement of this wondrous canal as you visit charming canal communities, operate a canal lock, explore tug boats and “lock through” on a cruise boat. Spend time with us as you hear from locals who have unique stories to tell, view great works of architecture and picturesque landscapes that have remained intact for 100s of years.

  • Tug Boat Round-up Festival-one of largest tug boat festivals in the U.S.
  • Cruise “locking through” locks and wine reception
  • Working an actual canal lock
  • Saratoga National Historical Park
  • Cohoes Falls-second largest falls east of Colorado
  • Fully Guided tour with canal experts
  • Music, history, culture and much more
  • Round-trip coach on Amtrak from NYC to Albany
  • Special value added surprises!
  • September 9, 10 and 11
  • Contact for Customized Group Reservations*
  • May - October

*Customized Tour Does Not Include Tugboat Roundup Event

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 Slavery & the Underground Railroad
(Capital Region—Albany & Saratoga)
"Uncovering the Real Story"

Have you ever questioned what you have been told about history? This is your opportunity to discover the real stories! New York State was the hub for the slave trade and the Underground Railroad. You will uncover the untold stories as we explore slavery’s poignant past. You will hear powerful narratives and walk the paths of those who sought freedom and those who risked their lives helping them. Along the way, there will be boutique shopping, boat ride through canal locks, dining at locally famous restaurants and wine tasting. There will be also hidden surprises throughout the journey that will make your trip exciting and rewarding.

  • Cruise “locking through” locks and wine reception
  • Underground Railroad Safe House
  • Path of Solomon Northrup (12 Years a Slave)
  • Wine Tasting and Boutique Shopping
  • Fully guided tour with experts
  • Picturesque landscapes, local stories and immersion experiences
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The Revolutionary War
(Capital Region—Albany and Saratoga)


Would you ever have thought of Benedict Arnold as an American hero? Did you know that the Battle at Saratoga was the one of the most significant in global history? You will learn the answers to these questions and many other untold truths as you take a journey to the past by visiting key Revolutionary War sites. Not only will you visit the Saratoga National Historical park and the Saratoga Monument, you’ll also see General Schuyler’s meticulously restored home in Schuylerville and his Georgian mansion in Albany, site of Alexander Hamilton’s wedding in 1780. Then take a ride on an authentic sternwheel paddleboat along the Champlain Canal and hear about local history as you “lock through” canal locks.

  • Saratoga National Historical Park
  • General Philip Schuyler Mansion
  • Canal boat ride through historic locks
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Empire State Tour 
(Capital Region—Albany and Saratoga)

Some historians believe that the nickname “The Empire State” originated from George Washington who referred to New York as the “seat of an empire.” From the early conflicts for colonial empire to the canals that helped open the western frontier, New York State has earned its namesake in a variety of ways. explore New York’s Capital Region and discover some of the many ways that New York State contributed to the formation of a unique American identity.

  • Boat ride on the canal and "locking through" locks.
  • Tour of the Capitol—an architectual wonder
  • Saratoga National Historical Park—site of the turning point of the American Revolution
  • Historic Schenectady Stockade—buildings dating back to the early 1700s
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CIA Culinary & Brew, and Wine Tour 
(Hudson Valley)

Great chefs aren't born, they're made—and the best are trained at the Culinary Institute of America. Join us for an exlusive behin-the-curtain trip to the CIA where every aspect of the journey has been customized to help you enjoy all of the exquisite tastes and flavors the CIA has to offer. This is truly a once in a lifetime, unique tour you won't find anywhere else!  Enjoy a welcoming wine tasting on day one, and stay at the historic Beekman Arms—America's oldest continuously running inn! After a relaxing night, you'll pick ingredients from local farms to bring back to the CIA for a chef-taught class on the Physiology of Taste, as well as enjoy an interactive market basket demonstration. Dinner will be a five-course meal with wine pairings at the Institute, where you'll be joined by one of the CIA's tp chefs. On the final day it's off to the local brewery for a Brew Immersion Experience with the Head Brewer, and you'll even get to help in the brewing process! This the perfect tour for those with a discerning palate and a love of hands-on experiences. No "foodie" should miss it!


  • Welcoming wine tasting.
  • A night at the historic Beekman Arms.
  • Tour farms and businesses that supply the CIA.
  • Pick fesh ingredients for a chef-taught class
  • Enjoy a 5-course meal with wine pairing, accompanied by the chef
  • Take part in a Brew Immersion Experience with tastings

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